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All of our Guard Card Courses include a CA State BSIS Approved Certificate - BSIS license: TFF 1266 (Two Protect Training)
Our courses are available 24x7, and all courses allow you to work at your own pace, logging in and out as often as needed.

How to Get a Guard Card: 3 Easy Steps      CA State Security Training Requirements   Frequently Asked Questions    

8-Hour BSIS Guard Card Course
(SC-101) - $29.95
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40-Hour BSIS Course Package
(PK-101) - $109.95
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  • 8-Hour Annual Refresher - $34.95
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    32-Hour BSIS Course Package
    (PK-102) - $89.95
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    16-Hour PSO Course - $79.95
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    Filing the State application ONLINE with the BSIS in step 3 gets your Guard Card validated in about 7-15 business days in most cases.



    Take the CA state required 8-Hour
    Guard Card Course to obtain your
    CA state certified training certificate.

    Step by Step Instructions:

    1. Click the Buy Now link below to
      start the Guard Card Course purchase process - Buy Now

    2. Follow the instructions to create
      a training account on our website

    3. Continue to the Online Payments page and click Pay Now

    4. Pay the $29.95 online course fee
      on the PayPal site.

    5. Complete the online course

    6. Print your certificate when you complete the course.

    Note: You can view or print the
    certificate for the course any time you
    log in after completing the course.



    Go to an official Live Scan location
    and get fingerprinted using the BSIS
    Live Scan security guard form.

    Step by Step Instructions:

    1. Find a Live Scan location in your
      area: Click Here to locate the
      location nearest to you

    2. Obtain the Live Scan security
      guard form from the BSIS:

      Click Here to download the Live
      Scan security guard form

    3. Complete the form

    4. Go to the Live Scan location with
      your Live Scan security guard
      form and get fingerprinted. They
      will give you a copy of the form
      with your Live Scan ATI



    Submit an Online Security Guard Application to the CA State BSIS from the state Website.

    Step by Step Instructions:

    1. Go to the BSIS Website to submit the application online

    2. Make sure to use the info listed below, and the Live Scan ATI number, when filling out the state's online form:

                   Certified by:  Charles Brown

                   Address:       Use the address
                                   listed on your

                                   Training Certificate
                   Phone Num:  (415) 754-8273

                   License Num:TFF 1266

    - - Click here to go to the full page instructions for the 3-Steps to getting a Guard Card - -

    Security Guard Training Requirements (California)

    The following is the timeline for security guards to complete the 40 hours required training as mandated by the state of California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS) - See reference on the California State BSIS Website.

    The GuardCardCourses.com website offers all 40 hours of these courses in an easy to use online format.  Using the GuardCardCourses.com website, you'll save time and money by taking the courses from the convenience of your own home, or whereever you can access the internet, and at lower prices.

    Date of Completion Training Hours Required
        Training Required before you can start work    8 Hours
        Training Required within the First 30 Days of work    16 Hours
        Training Required within the First Six Months of work    16 Hours

    The training hours listed above are broken down as follows:

    • All Security Guards must take the first 8-hour required course before applying for their Guard Card (8 hours).

    • All Security Guards must take 8 hours of Mandatory Courses and 8 hours of Elective Courses within the first 30
      days of starting work (16 hours).

    • All Security Guards must take an additional 8 hours of Mandatory Courses and 8 hours of Elective Courses
      within the first six months of work (16 hours).

    The training and exam are administered online by GuardCardCourses.com on this website.