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- This is a Continuing Education (CE) Course and Requires you to Have a Non-Expired Guard Card -
If you DO NOT HAVE a Guard Card, or your Guard Card is Expired,
Click here for the Guard Card Course

This course package meets the CA State Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS) 32-Hour continuing education (CE) requirement for all first year security guards. These courses are required for all first year CA State security guards after they have already taken the initial 8-hour guard card course (Powers to Arrest and Weapons of Mass Destruction).

(PK-102) - $75.00

These hours are never turned into the BSIS, the BSIS requires all security employers in CA to keep the certificates for all continuing education courses on file for all employees, at all times. So once you complete these courses, the BSIS requires to turn them into your employer to keep on file.

The following are a few of the advantages that you get if you purchase the full 32-hours of BSIS courses in a single package:

  • Meets CA State Continuing Education Requirement: This package contains the 32-hours of security guard training that is mandated by the CA State BSIS for all first year security guards. See the CA State Security Guard Training Requirements on the CA State Web Site.

  • Get your training completed: With our online system, you can work at your own pace and work however long you want whenever you want, as the system keeps track of where you are and is easy to use.

32-Hour Package Contents

The 32-hour course package includes the following 32 hours of BSIS Certified security guard training courses:

  • Communication and its Significance - 4 hrs

  • Public Relations - 4 hrs

  • Observation and Documentation - 4 hrs

  • Liability / Legal Aspects - 4 hrs

  • Officer Safety - 4 hrs

  • Trespass - 4 hrs

  • Evacuation Procedures - 2 hrs

  • Monitoring Crowd Control - 2 hrs

  • Arrests, Search and Seizure - 4 hrs

Security Guard Training Requirements (California)

The following CA State security guard training requirements are taken from the CA State BSIS website: CA State Security Guard Facts Sheet (BSIS Website Reference).

  • The power to arrest training must be completed prior to the issuance of a Security Guard Registration (BPC Sections 7583.6 and 7583.8).

  • The thirty-two (32) hours of training in security officer skills must be completed within the first six (6) months of licensure.

  • Eight (8) hours of continuing training must be completed annually (BPC 7583.6 and CCR 643).

  • The training may be administered by the guard's employing private patrol operator or by a Bureau-certified course provider.

BSIS Advises: All registered security guards should maintain their own documented proof of completion of their training. Employers are required to maintain records for a minimum of two years; however registrants may need to provide subsequent employers or BSIS with training records. As a result BSIS recommends that registrants maintain copies of all of their own training records.

The training hours listed above are broken down as follows:

  • All Security Guards must take the first 8-hour required course before applying for their Guard Card (8 hours).

  • All Security Guards must take 8 hours of Mandatory Courses and 8 hours of Elective Courses within the first 30 days of starting work (16 hours).

  • All Security Guards must take an additional 8 hours of Mandatory Courses and 8 hours of Elective Courses within the first six months of work (16 hours).

The training and exam are administered by TwoProtect Training Institute on this website.



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